Take a breath of art!

In the first place, it is not so much the art that we love but the emotions it brings and the opening up to new horizons of thought and dreams.

And what could be better than to share our emotions with whoever wants to.

So the objective of this blog is to be a space for sharing and exchange.

In fact, we are interested in the plastic arts in their entirety: painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, video, installations, digital art…). But also occasional forays into certain applied arts (design, architecture, mosaics, ceramics…).

However, we do not make any criticism (other sites do it very well). But we propose to discover or rediscover works of ancient and modern artists, known, unknown, or not. Because we make it a point of honour to preserve our freedom and independence. Consequently, we do not enter into any agreement or partnership with anyone.

Véronique and Thierry

As far as the organisation of the blog is concerned, it is simple:

Favourites : these are works that we have “flashed” on.

Focus : this is an in-depth presentation of a work or an artist.

Art Collections : on a theme (red, blue, black, flowers, animals, specific culture, country….), we propose a declension of various categories of art. The first theme will be RED followed by Street Art.

Encounters moments : following an exchange with an artist, we present his creations.

Exhibit news : we report on exhibitions and cultural events that have caught our attention, without being exhaustive.

Moreover, your feedback will allow us to refine, complete and deepen the content of the blog.

“Curiosity is a delicacy, to see is to devour”. Victor HUGO