A duo of Spanish geniuses in Bordeaux : DALI and GAUDI.
A duo of Spanish geniuses in Bordeaux : DALI and GAUDI.

A duo of Spanish geniuses in Bordeaux : DALI and GAUDI.

The former German submarine base is home to the world’s largest immersive digital exhibition space in the Bassins des Lumières. It’s a successful conversion, a radical change of pace for a site of war that has become a place of peace thanks to art.

                                                                             From 3 February 2023 to 7 January 2024,

In Bordeaux, the Bassins des Lumières are devoting an immersive exhibition to Salvador Dalí and Antoni Gaudi.

In 2023, two sacred monsters of art history will take over the former Bordeaux submarine base with monumental projections of Dalí and Gaudí’s greatest works. The immersive exhibition, “Dalí, the Endless Enigma”, is set to the music of Pink Floyd for an even grander effect, revealing the finest paintings by the master of surrealism, including The Persistence of Memory with the Face of Mae West, Atomic Leda and The Temptation of Saint Anthony.
The second installation, “The Architect of the Imagination”, takes visitors on a rediscovery of the iconoclastic works of the architect Gaudí, such as Parc Güell and the Sagrada Família, sources of inspiration for Salvador Dalí.

This exhibition, presented after “Dalí, the never-ending enigma”, looks back at Antonio Gaudí, a source of inspiration for Dalí.

His works of the early 20th century, initially described as whimsical and provocative, were defended by Dalí. The painter published the article “On the terrifying and edible beauty of modern-style architecture” in 1933, which marked a revival of interest in Art Nouveau.

This immersive ten-minute exhibition pays tribute to this architectural genius through his buildings, now listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It takes visitors on a journey between dream and reality, from Parc Güell to Casa Batlló.


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