Eternal Mucha, the extraordinary exhibition at the Grand Palais immersif
Eternal Mucha, the extraordinary exhibition at the Grand Palais immersif

Eternal Mucha, the extraordinary exhibition at the Grand Palais immersif

If you’re a lover of art and beauty, you won’t want to miss the “Eternal Mucha” exhibition being held at the Grand Palais Immersif from 22 March to 5 November 2023. This immersive and interactive exhibition will introduce you to the work and legacy of Alphonse Mucha, one of Europe’s most famous artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

A major figure in Art Nouveau, a pioneer of poster art and a precursor of advertising, Mucha created an original and innovative style that marked his era and continues to influence contemporary creation.


                                                                           Alphonse Mucha, JOB advertising© Mucha Trust

                     The Mucha exhibition invites you to plunge into the world of this avant-garde artist through three acts:

                         Computer-generated image of the exhibition – Les Arts peinture. Mucha Trust. Metrochrome for GPI, 2023

The first act introduces you to the master of the poster in Paris, where he achieved success with his posters for the theatre and advertising. You can admire his emblematic works such as Gismonda, La Dame aux camélias and Les Saisons, featuring elegant, sensual women in floral and geometric settings.

In situ view of the exhibition on Mucha at the Grand Palais Immersif © Maxime Chermat for Grand Palais Immersif, 2023

The second act takes you back to the turning point in his career in 1900, when he took part in the Paris Universal Exhibition. You’ll discover how Mucha broadened his field of activity by creating paintings, sculptures, jewellery and even decorations for the Bosnia-Herzegovina pavilion. You will also see how he expressed his humanist and pacifist vision through his works.

The Eternal Mucha exhibition doesn’t just show you Mucha’s works: it invites you to experience them to the full using the most advanced technologies. Thanks to very high definition projections, interactive devices and immersive scenography, you will be transported into Mucha’s world. You can also enjoy an original musical and olfactory universe that will stimulate all your senses.


Alphonse Mucha, Poster for the first production of Victorien Sardou’s Gismonda starring Sarah Bernhardt at the Théâtre de la Renaissance in Paris|Source: Wikimedia Commons, public domain

The Eternal Mucha exhibition also reveals how Mucha has inspired many contemporary artists in fields as diverse as cinema, manga, superheroes and street art. In particular, you can discover his influence on the TV series Arcane, whose sets are inspired by his work.


                                                                             Alphonse Mucha, “Daydream” – Mucha Trust

                                                                                                         La Samaritaine

The third act unveils his monumental masterpiece: the Slavic Epic. This is a series of twenty canvases retracing the history of the Slavic people from its origins to the First World War. You will be dazzled by the richness of the colours, the finesse of the details and the grandeur of the historical or mythological scenes.




                                                                                                     Beer from the Meuse

Alphonse Mucha, The Dancing Arts (detail), 1898, colour lithograph, 60 x 38 cm, Prague © Mucha Foundation / Alfons Mucha


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