Coderch and Malavia, four-handed sculpture
Coderch and Malavia, four-handed sculpture

Coderch and Malavia, four-handed sculpture


Kymo, bronze, 2021

Two Spanish sculptors, Joan Coderch and Javier Malavia. The first was born in 1959 and studied at the Barcelona Fine Arts School. The second, born in 1970, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia. Thanks to a porcelain sculpture company in which they both worked, they found each other. As a result, in 2015, they embarked on an artistic project together, living and working in Valencia. It should be noted that their figurative sculptures borrow from the two artists’ favourite themes, in particular theatre, bullfighting and mythology.


Galene, Bronze, blue patina, 2021.


People and life are the central elements of their work. As a consequence of this choice, movement is a major part of their work, making their sculptures particularly expressive. Despite the youth of their joint project, Coderch and Malavia have  participated in over 15 group and solo exhibitions. They have won several selections and prizes in competitions. In addition, some of their works can be found in private collectionsin various countries  in Europe, Asia and America.

The salt giant, Saint-Etienne place, Toulouse, France.
The salt giant, Saint-Etienne place, Toulouse, France,
The salt giant, Saint-Etienne place, Toulouse, France.

Javier Malavia :

“If we had imagined finding a space to exhibit our work outdoors, @pilaneheritage would have been our greatest dream. I get goosebumps seeing our works in this environment and surrounded by artists like Plensa, Tony Cragg, Klara Kristalova,..”

The two sculptors saw their bronze pieces fly through the Swedish overcast sky to their new home, the sculpture festival “Skupltur i Pilane”, one of the most important events in the art world. The duo formed by Catalan Joan Coderch and Basque Javier Malavia have been invited to exhibit their work alongside some of the most renowned sculptors on the international scene.

Learning to fly, bronze, 110 cm, 2017.
“The Tissue of Time” - patina bronze. Awards : Art price, TIAC 2018 by International Art Salon Competition of International Arts & Culture Group. Collections : MEAM, Museu Europeu of Art Modern, Barcelone.

Coderch et Malavia

“The Fabric of Time” is our own vision of the myth of Penelope, waiting for the arrival of Odysseus. Weaving and unweaving, building and destroying. The pure emotion of knitted moments is our Penelope. Through her, we offer a part of our reflection on beauty, sensuality and immobility. We always work with live models. So we had to look for our own flesh-and-blood Penelope to develop the sculpture. But it wasn’t easy. Finally, after a long search, we found her. After several sessions of modelling and subtle changes of gesture, a thousand different facial expressions came and went. Finally, it appeared. So we knew it was her as soon as we saw her!”

Liber, 2020.
Haiku, 2019.
El fauno, bronze,

Part of the originality of their art lies in the way they work. They make their sculptures with four hands, thus participating in the creation of the pieces. Joan and Javier also share the values of their artistic creation, social commitment to equality, the environment and childhood. Their project is distinguished by its honesty and authenticity. They explore different human attitudes to life. Firstly, the mimicry of nature. Secondly, the search for emotion through the work. But also, the unveiling of the feelings that direct man. Also, the meeting between the figure and the posture. And finally, the combination of beauty and discipline occupies a prominent place.

The artist's gesture
The eye of the master
Finishing touches
The great swan, bronze.


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