Oceanic influences by Coralie RONCIN.
Oceanic influences by Coralie RONCIN.

Oceanic influences by Coralie RONCIN.


                                                                                                       Wild herbs

I am a young space designer who recently moved to La Rochelle. I work on design projects as well as design projects, as well as personal artistic creations. Both disciplines have their own importance for me, because of their scale of conception, their functions and their own universe.


I have always been attracted to art, and it was natural for me to go into the applied arts, specialising in
specialising in space design and scenography. It is at this time that I developed my practice
of drawing.


The pen drawing can be found in all my works. This is completed by mixed techniques such as paper cut-outs, which give rise to paintings in relief. By going through several stages: drawing, cutting, composition and collage, the drawing then comes to live in space.


                                                                                                          Blue mother-of-pearl 

Through my work, I offer to discover a personal vision of nature and more particularly underwater landscape and the plant world. With finesse, an infinity of details appear, leading our eyes to our gaze to escape into infinite landscapes. I then invite the visitor to travel in a poetic and refined universe I invite the visitor to travel in a poetic and refined universe, while arousing well-being and curiosity.

                                                        “At sea, I find my mother tongue….” Olivier de Kersauson.

I draw my inspiration mainly from nature, by transcribing what is in front of me, observing with attention all the details, the shapes, the colours… I then transcribe the poetry that emerges from it. On the whole I take pleasure in imagining authentic projects at the edge between figurative and abstract where emotion is at the heart of the creation.


                                                                                          CORALS, “Jewels of the oceans”

It all depends on the size and detail that the work requires.
The research phase is also important to me, I love to explore and be surprised by new compositions new compositions, materials and techniques.



The most important thing for me is not so much the place but the interaction with the visitors and what my works can provide.





On social networks, Instagram and Facebook and at various exhibitions.
You can find me in Saint-Trojan à Oléron at the cabanes d’artistes from 07 to 20 August and from 05 to September 11 in Saint Marie de Ré.


                                                                                                Flower garden

Create and explore again and again, refining my graphic style to prepare for future exhibitions and to develop my design agency. and develop my design agency.


                                                                                                        Aquatic waltz


                                                                                                        Take-off (watercolour)

“The sea is the heart of the world. To want to visit the oceans is to go and rub shoulders with the colours of the absolute.”

Olivier de Kersauson




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