The tender figurative realism of Michal LUKASIEWICZ
The tender figurative realism of Michal LUKASIEWICZ

The tender figurative realism of Michal LUKASIEWICZ


Meditation n°2

Untitled 11. acrylic on canvas

Portrait with Phthalo Blue, acrylic on panel

Michal Lukasiewicz was born in 1974 in Pulawy, Poland. Since 1995 he has lived and worked in Antwerp. He is a self-taught painter and, as he admits, the work of the Benelux countries has had a strong influence on his artistic style, figurative realism.


“Portrait of L. in pink and grey”

Working mainly with acrylic, his works are almost monochrome, if not for spots of shades like off-white, ochre, his, pink, gray and neon orange and yellow. The painting seems to be one with form and not a separate entity.


Naturally, our eye is attracted to different parts of the shape when color is added, so it is interesting to see them with and without paint decorating the body. Recently, he experimented with color, in the form of seemingly random patches, which gives his work, which is part of the classic tradition, a somewhat modern touch.


“My paintings are made of human form, tenderness, gentleness that they can convey to the viewer; never the anger of the world, but the peace and harmony that human beings are capable of.”


“I am influenced by life in Belgium and the painters of the Benelux countries and I try to show the placid side of the object by using light, light reflection and shadows to emphasize the shape of the subjects and curves.”


“Portrait of L. with orange”

“I never use color, but the subtlety of tone to achieve these effects. I try to restore the softness of the skin and the body so without brushstrokes that would be visible to the viewer. I developed this technique to paint the human body which is found in many collections.”

“Portrait of F. with pale green”

Oil on canvas



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