Breathe life with Alessandro TOFANELLI
Breathe life with Alessandro TOFANELLI

Breathe life with Alessandro TOFANELLI


Between water and sky, 2023


L’ultima ponte, 2021

“L’isola che non c’è”, oil on canvas, 2021.

Alessandro Tofanelli is a surrealist landscape painter and one of the most important contemporary Tuscan authors. He is a film director, documentary maker and painter who has also found fame abroad.

For Tofanelli, each painting becomes a world of its own, a reality on the edge of a dream, an Eden where life is simple, lived to the slow rhythm of everyday gestures.


There is a strong modernity in his painting, but also a strong link with Tuscany, with the landscapes that surround him. The artist invites us to wander through his works, to disappear behind a farmhouse, inside a house or in a vegetable garden, to get lost in a poplar grove while listening to the wind rustling in the leaves. Although people are never represented, we can feel their presence through the inclusion of everyday objects that tell of their lives and history: there is a sense of peace that encompasses everything.

“Senza Ritorno”, oil on canvas.
Each of the artist’s works is like an inner, authentic self-portrait of a reserved painter who expresses his own personal story in his paintings, with the history of his land and his love of nature.

“Il filo di Arianna”, oil on canvas, 2021.
“I would like to dwell on certain aspects of life that are in danger of being forgotten and to be able to notice and marvel at simple things, also drawing on the memories of people who are no longer there. Today everything passes and is forgotten in an instant, to grow and renew ourselves it is our past that teaches us to prepare for the future.”

Alessandro Tofanelli is also the story of a man who, as a multi-faceted artist, has always been accustomed to perceiving and transmitting a magic that touches the heart: real images of a today that enters the light enchantment of poplar groves, lagoons and canals. Fishermen’s huts, abandoned boats surrounded by shrubs, silent houses; they all seem to belong to a time out of time.

First snowing, oil on canvas, 2020.

Pit stop, 2022

Il caso


Appuntamento al buio

Dove si sta bene, 2019

La brezza della sera, 2021

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